Peaceful Sunday

If you look out the window it is a perfect day. Blue skies, light clouds, and of course from inside it is 73 degrees. Not at all what it feels like outside. Humid, hot. This is Houston after all.

I love Sunday morning because everything is so quiet. This gives me time to sit on the porch with my coffee (and a fan) and journal. So what do I write about today?

Today is the day I am creating my newest course. My heart is in holistic life coaching. My skills and experience are also in business coaching.

With the life coaching I have written my books and workbook. I huge shout out to all of my blog readers. You all let me know what interests you most. Where peoples heart are at, where you are hurting the most. Thank you, loyal readers from all over the world. I love you and please keep reading.

Love Yourself book Love Yourself Workbook
Love Yourself eBook Workbook eBook
Anger and Sadness are Exhausting eCourse

I have been busy to say the least. But since I love writing that is how I like to be, creating new healing paths, or paths to ease pain. Whether it is emotional or financial pain. I always want to help and ease the suffering of others. .

The newest addition to the mix is my online business course. The Golden Ticket. As a marketing professional I had to spend countless hours learning how to take what I learned in my degree program and work experience and apply it to the on-line world. I took countless courses and spent hundreds of dollar to learn how to make money online. I am so excited about what I have found and I really want to share it.

This is a billion $ industry. Do you know what that means? There is plenty for everyone. Each person is unique and has their own skills to teach, their own craft to sell, their own market to reach.

Did you know that the online selling world even has their own language?

I have already done all of the trial and error. I have made all of the mistakes. I heard the crickets chirping. Then Bingo, everything fell into place. A system that works.

My program will translate the language, lay out the flow, make sense of what is keeping you up at night.

In 6 self-paced modules you will learn

  • What a niche is and how to find yours
  • How to lay out your website
  • The Sales Funnel – how to quickly build a great one
  • Evergreen Content – What does this have to do with trees?
  • Lots of templates and worksheets to get you designing your own packages.
  • How to price your packages
  • And so much more….

This is right from my head to your creation process.

Do you want to be able to leave your day job? Do you want more time with your family? Do you want to make enough to take that dream vacation? Pay off student loans and credit card debt? This is all possible. In my Golden Ticket course will learn to build an automated sales process that sells for you, over and over again.

I am offering The Golden Ticket. This system will teach you how to create a 7 figure income in 6 easy to follow and understand modules.

Don’t waste any more time on self doubt. I have done this and so can you. I am so excited about this program working for you that I am offering it at a low price offer. Usually all of the content and information you would receive is valued at $2597 but for the next 5 days I am giving it away at $997. Or three payments of $350. Take your pick. I just want to get this information into your hands so you can start creating and making money also.

But don’t order it yet. You are really busy aren’t you? I know I was. Full time job, family, friends, etc. Where do you find the time to build a business? I’m going to help you out here. Free download

Get Your Free Calendar

I am going to help you discover time you didn’t even know you had. AND you will still have time for your job, your family and all of your other activities.

Now, if you want to just jump right into making your 7 figure income you may.

Sign up for the Golden Ticket

Sign up with 3 payment option

Remember this price offer is only good for 5 days. So hurry and get yours at the special pricing.

I can’t wait to share your stories of success. Now, Let’s get started.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

P.S. This is my Happiness Guarantee. If you order the course and are not prepared to sell online by the end then send me all of the worksheets and homework showing you put in all of the effort. If this system did not work for you then I will refund your money. There is nothing to lose, except the time lost while you think about it. I am so confident in this system working that I am willing to lay this out for you.