Finding GOD on the Back of a Harley

Everyone seeking a balance in their life also needs to be grounded in their spiritual life. Without a connection to God, you experience a void. You may be fulfilled in all other areas of life, but are not connected spiritually, you can feel as if something is missing because it is.

Most of my life, I was a church goer. I got a lot of enjoyment of being in the community of like-minded people. Now days, my connecting with what feeds me spiritually is different. I love nature, peace, and solitude.

There is not much that brings me closer to that description than riding on the back of our Harley.

My husband and I leave early, so the air is cool, the sun is just making its appearance, and the clouds are soft and wispy. As we get started, all I can hear is the rumble of the Vance & Hines pipes, the wind breaking around us and we feel the torque push us into our seat backs as we accelerate onto I-59.

On a morning ride like this morning, you can smell everything. The morning breakfasts cooking in the city and the dying smoke from an outdoor fire last night in the country — even the occasional skunk.

Riding on a bike heightens your senses, and we are open and exposed to the natural elements. Unhindered by the roof and walls of a car.

We make our way out, and everything is beautiful. This is SE Texas, and it is very flat, and it is huge. Acre upon acre of open land. The morning fog is still resting in the field grasses. We ride over rivers and creeks and see lots of horses and cows. Even a couple of dogs heading down the shoulder of a country road looking for their morning mayhem and mischief.

As a witness to the beauty of sunrise and majestic oaks, and the beauty of nature all around us, it is the best reminder to connect with God. Thankful, grateful, and amazed. I cannot hear anything over the rumble of the bike. I don’t even hear the radio playing for my husband. I am experiencing all the wonder and beauty alone with my thoughts and prayers.

I am not the most relaxed rider on the back of a motorcycle. I deal with a lot of anxiety. This is great practice for peace and calm. I meditate and breath. I focus relaxation into different muscle groups. I talk to God, and together we quiet the anxiety, slow the heart rate and ease fears.

As I ride along with God and my thoughts, I can up with the name “Finding God on the Back of a Harley.” My Church, this is where I examine my faith; this is where I refresh my soul.

My husband gave me the challenge of using the word torque in this article. I did it. I am so grateful that I get to spend this special time with him. We stop off and have breakfast. One of our stops to stretch our legs is where we often see skydivers. I have a wonderful life. I am Blessed.

Share a special way you connect with God and stay grounded spiritually. I would love to hear.

Love & Blessings,
Ashley J Spurgeon

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