A Path to Healing

What I would like to do is introduce you to the new book I just published. I am proud of it, and I am excited that those who read it will get an introduction to life coaching and begin their path to healing.

Exceptional YOU: Love Yourself Edition a path to healing. Book and companion workbook. Available through Amazon worldwide in paperback and eBook.

The book and companion workbook is an introduction to healing in several areas of a holistic balance in life.

Balance is sometimes difficult to achieve and sometimes a struggle to maintain. There are always two or more areas that seem to be pulling you off balance. We are looking at how to create this equilibrium and maintaining it for a peaceful, happy lifestyle. The topics as follows:

  • Your Personal Time
  • Health & Wellness
  • Remove the Negative – Stop Playing the Martyr
  • Setting Healthy boundaries
  • Asking for Help
  • Loving yourself
  • Your Spiritual Life
  • Money Management
  • My personal Weight Loss Journey
  • Also, as a bonus, some wonderful recipes.

Are you sick and tired of walking around in your silent pain? Do you have big dreams but not sure how to get out of your way to achieve them?

A Guide to Healing walks you through important questions to help guide you to new thinking, a healthy perspective, and steps to evaluate where you are and where you want to be.

A Guide to Healing is a great tool to begin the healing journey with me as your personal life coach alongside.

Not sure what a life coach is? Think they are only for the elite? Not sure you want to invest in yourself yet? Here is a good starting point.

Each chapter introduces workbook questions to help you heal in the many different areas of life. Since the life areas all overlap and affect each other. Living a strong, healthy life in your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial life is priceless. You will have more energy, stronger relationships, greater confidence, more productivity. What is the price you will place on that?

Get to know the heart of a healer. Life coaches are caring, empathetic people. You will get to know me through this book and a little of what my healing journey has been.

What can you get from A Guide to Healing?

  • Do you want to face the world with confidence?
  • Do you want to be happy in your job and confident to ask for that raise or promotion?
  • Do you want to achieve better health and an ideal weight? (Less depression, fewer doctor visits, less sick time off work?)
  • Do you want to reclaim some personal time, be reintroduced to who you are and who you want to be?
  • How about your relationship? Do you want better communication and a stronger love partner?

Gaining these things in your life is a process. You cannot put a monetary value on them. Click this link and order you copy today.

A Guide to healing Paperback or eBook

Workbook: Paperback or eBook

I love paperback because I love taking notes and jotting down thoughts. I am excited to start the freeing, healing journey with you.

As a free bonus, I am also inviting you to join the Exceptional YOU private Facebook community. A safe place for healing, sharing, support, new friends, and daily motivation and encouragement. I cannot wait to meet you.

Claim your copy now. It is available through Amazon.com in most countries. And remember to sign up for the Facebook community today.

Love and Blessings,
Ashley J. Spurgeon

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