Reconnect with Your Partner

As couples and their families get older, it is easy to forget how important being connected with your partner is. You may be very tired, busy with kids and work. By the time you both get home and have some time together, you might feel slightly or even greatly disconnected. I’m sure this was not your intention. it just happens over time

To reconnect, you need alone time together. Make some time just being adults together and other even getting to know each other again. You need to make each other a priority. Date nights are a great way to do that. My suggestion is to plan one night a month. Take time to get ready and have him pick you up (So to speak) Just like when you were dating.

Find something of interest to both of you. Take turns making plans. Or put ideas in a jar and pull one out and do that. Make it fun and make it something you both can look forward too.

The idea is to be sure to spend time together as adults. This is a time to pay attention to each other. I would suggest leaving the phones at home but leave a list of phone numbers on your fridge on how to reach you in an emergency.

I’m not going to list a lot of ideas for you because I’m sure you have a few of your own, and the internet is also full of everything from free, inexpensive, outdoor, stay home, exciting and even upscale ideas.

While out do the things you used to do. Look at each other when talking and listen, hold hands, steal kisses, and touch each other. Use these date nights to remember how you felt when you were dating; make each other feel special. Or start a whole new romance with your partner.

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If your relationship is strained and the first date night doesn’t go as envisioned, that is OK. Tell your partner how much you loved the evening or day and look forward to the next one. It may be that you have forgotten how to love each other. Take the date night opportunity to relearn each other.

Have a wonderful and hopefully sexy date night.

Love and Blessings
Ashley J. Spurgeon

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