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Today’s society seems to have two extremes. The very spiritual and the not at all.  What we need is a health balance. I have said before; I’m not trying to convert anyone to a specific belief system. I want to see people have peace and fulfillment in their lives. The spiritual side of life is a part of the holistic healthy balance.

What does a spiritual life give you? Number one is peace. I am at peace knowing I am not navigating through this life of chaos all on my own.

Guidance: Through prayer or meditation or intuition I’m able to step outside of myself and just listen to the still small voice that gives loving guidance. I have found that every time in my life that I did not listen to my inner intuition, I made a mistake.

Forgiveness: I do not know about you, but I have had a hard life. From years of working with people I have seen that everyone has. What we feel as troubling or traumatic is based on our own life experience. Not someone else’s. The greatest gift I get from my spiritual life is the gift of forgiveness. All of the hardship we build up in our life can fester as guilt and self hatred. I can forgive people that have done great and harmful wrongs against me. I have been able to forgive myself of my guilt for allowing the situations to enter my life in the first place. I could have never done this on my own.

Grace and unconditional love – Hope in humanity. I have not been a perfect person, but I believe I have been a good person. I believe I have someone or something bigger than myself to that I am accountable to and that gives me grace where I have been less than perfect. This allows me to be graceful to others.

Grace, I know is real because I am still here. That tells me my work is not complete. My work is to help others heal and feel what the Exceptional Life is.

The spiritual side of life is often what we feel missing when we work so hard to obtain all of those other goals and then ignore a very important part of what makes us unique.

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Love & Blessings, 
Ashley J Spurgeon

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