Body Mobility

Our bodies need movement, flexibility, and even the dreaded exercise.

I live in SE, Texas, and right now the “Feel like” temperature is over 100 degrees. When it comes to exercise, it is hard to get motivated.

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If exercise is not a regular part of your life, I will suggest starting with stretching and building greater flexibility. Stretching is something anyone can do, in any shape, and it does not take a lot of space or time. Stretching also shows quick results of a greater range of movement, longer reaches, and even the relief of built up stress in the body.

I love stretching out. I feel better and hurt less. Start slow. You know you are stretching because you can feel it in your muscles. Remember, you are stretching, not straining.

Some simple stretches to get you started:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Clasp both elbows with opposite hands. Bend at the waist slowly, letting the weight of your head pull your back straight towards the floor. If you need to bend your knees. Fell the weight of your head and how it stretches the spine towards the floor. Relax into this position until it is no longer comfortable.

You will find if you do this everyday that you can stretch farther. Your back will fell longer, stronger, and some of the stress you hold in your back is now finding relief.  You may even be able to keep your knees straighter. The goal is not to reach your toes, but to relax and stretch the spine.

  • The shoulders hold a lot of stress. Cross one arm across the front of your body, holding it straight. Take your second arm and using the crook of your elbow gently pull your arm towards your chest. You will feel a stretch in the back of your shoulder. I do this several times throughout the day. It feels good and releases some of the stress we build up as we work, sit in front of the computer, or just go through the day. Do not pull too hard; just enough to feel a nice stretch. I have some serious shoulder problems. But this gentle stretch feels very good.
  • Last we are going to stretch the hips. This can feel good. The hips are another stress point. Once again, do not pull to hard. We do not want injury; we want to release stress and create a greater range of motion.

Lay on your back and pull your right leg up over your stomach. Point your foot to the left. Hold your knee with your hands and pull gently towards your chest to where you feel the stretching in the side hip. Hold this for a moment then switch legs.

The nice thing about stretching is you get to benefit your mind and body without sweating.

So, my challenge to you this week to work on the simple stretching. Do you feel how good it is and that each day your range of motion is a little better? These are stretching I learned through yoga.

So practice these each for a few minutes each day over the next week. Post a comment on how they make you feel? Do they help, do they not? Do you feel a greater range of motion or no difference? Share here and let me know.

I have a new challenge for you all next week when we talk about how to bring exercise into your life and enjoy it at the same time.

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Love & Blessings, 
Ashley J Spurgeon

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