Friends are so Important

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At the law firm, we used to joke… “who has time for a social life?” We do after all classify our friend as part of our social life. Eventually, as life gets busy, the friendships get pushed down the priority ladder.

But Ladies, we need our girlfriends. They are a very important part of a healthy balanced life. Close friends give us something we cannot get anywhere else.

What I am talking about is the friendships that we have face to face. I do understand that we can have meaningful relationships online, but something is fulfilling about the girl friends you can sit across a table from and discuss life.

In my book, “Exceptional YOU: the healing edition” I talk about how much I love my husband, we are great friends, and we talk about so many things. There are subject that I can only discuss with my girlfriends. I don’t think my husband wants to hear about my peri-menopausal angst or the struggles I find with having a teenage son.

In good times and bad women need the love and support of other women.

I know how busy you are. You are working, have a family, you must keep up with shopping and cleaning and spend quality time with your partner and kids, and everyone’s various activities. Where do you have any time left for your girl friends?

You need to set those healthy boundaries where you can create the time to make your friendships a priority. I give several ideas in my book about how to do this. Yu can create more time in your life by setting healthy boundaries and learning to ask for help instead of trying to do all the work yourself.

Today call you best girlfriend and set a date. It can be an hour over a coffee or an all-day outing. Spending time together is important to your mentally, spiritual, and emotionally balance and health.

Of course, surround yourself with the right people, healthy friends who are honest, supportive and loving authentic people.

If you would like to know more about my friendship ideas and tips tune in each Wednesday. Next week we will look at some great girl activities that don’t require a large investment and lots of time.

Love & Blessings, 
Ashley J Spurgeon

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