Self Reflection and Care

We all lead busy lives. It is often exhausting. How much is self-imposed because of too high personal expectations we place on our self? I know I can be guilty of this.

One thing I do different is take notice of the times of the day that I get to spend with my favorite person. Me. I have the mornings were I get up 30-minutes before anyone else. This is my time for prayer, meditation and motivation each day. But what about other times. I notice I get more than I give credit for.

I was sitting on my back porch and realized, “Oh my gosh, I’m getting some peaceful alone time. Let me share what I saw when I realized I can have a few minutes of peace and gratitude.

My View

This is the view I have from my back porch. We are fortunate to not have houses right behind us. We have trees and a great big open Texas sky. Today the sky is brilliant blue and the clouds are amazing. I know I had to put down my devices and just soak it up for a little while.

How often can you do this? I find the more I pay attention the more I find I have so many quiet moments. I can pull strength from them when my moments are not so quiet.

If you want a life of peace you have to create a life of peace.

By setting boundaries you are allowing in what you choose to accept and keeping out what you choose not to accept.

Have you heard the saying, “You must be the change you wish to see in your life?” Not sure whose quote it is but it is true. I have done it. My life used to be full of chaos and strife. I was so very unhappy and even angry. Not how I wanted to live. That constant knot in your stomach.

I am happy, not because I have “perfect life”, I am happy because I choose it. I live with a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness. I stay in touch with my authentic self and I am blessed to be able work with others everyday to be better as well.

Granted it took work to get here. To have this optimistic, positive attitude. It was a journey I could not have taken alone. I had coaches, mentors and friends that loved me past my hurts and stumbling blocks. Now I get to do the same for others and it is the greatest blessing. Helping women to recognize who they are, to see their potential and to bloom into who they are meant to be. In their relationships, with their health, their work life, and their friendships.

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