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Monday is here and it is time to change focus from home to the office. I am one of those people that when I get to work I am all in. I focus on this one job and leave everything else behind. I am a committed employee? Why?

When I was hired I gave my word that for 8-hours a day Monday through Friday I will share the vision and help this company reach and maintain the vision.

Just like when I am home I give my focus to my family and friends. I leave work at work.

But what if you work for yourself. The world is full of entrepreneurs. Those who are working for themselves, from home or a small office.

Some people balance both.

What I did was create a calendar that covered Sunday through Saturday from 5 am (when I wake up) to 9 pm (when I go to bed).

I color coded the calendar with what is important to me. First I blocked out what time I wanted for myself. Next I blocked out the time I was at the office. then the time I need for my business . I was happy to see that I still had lots of time left for family and friends. When I first started I had this time in mind so I was sure to leave plenty. Why do you work anyway? To be able to provide for and enjoy your friends and family.

I placed this calendar on the refrigerator so everyone knows how I am spending my time. When I am working at home I no longer have the distractions from family. When it is time for family, I shut down the work stuff and focus on them.

When I am at work my friends and family know my break and lunch times. They know to contact me then, I don’t even have my phone out. I am committed to do my job not check my mom’s latest Facebook posting.

Discipline and structure has freed up a lot of time in my life. I am fresh for each new activity. I also find I have more time than I originally thought to care for myself.

If you want to better organize your life and your time, please contact me for a free consultation to see how life coaching and make it happen for you.

Love & Blessings, 
Ashley J Spurgeon

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