Summer A Time to Reconnect

Family is a very important part of a healthy life balance.

I don’t know about you but mine is all over the country. Sister in Florida, Sister in Utah, brother in Northern California, Mom in southern California, one Dad is Florida, Nephews in Arkansas and of course I am in Texas near my Dad.

Getting together can be a challenge and often rather expensive. I was fortunate to have my older sister and brother come into town last week. It was my dad’s 77th birthday and we realized we three had not been together in the same place and the same time in almost 30 years. That is way too long.

Reconnecting with family brings you back to the roots of who you are. It can remind you of your values and what made you become the person you are today. It can also show you how far you have come in the path of being an adult. It is always fun to talk about “when we were kids….”

Our lives get really busy and one day turns into a week, a week becomes a month, and months become years.

One great goal is to plan a certain time each week or once a month to connect with family members. Call them on the phone, have a group video chat…whatever. If you are seeking balance and harmony in your life then you cannot forget your family.

To my brother and sister…. thank you for taking time away from your precious families to come and visit. It was so wonderful to sit and visit and catch up, to remember some funny things about when we were kids.

Plan something fun for the summer. If you can plan a reunion, a family picnic, or the 4th of July together.

Love and Blessings,

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