Goals Reached

What feels really great is setting a goal for yourself and reaching it.

I accidentally set an almost impossible goal for myself with a publishing deadline and I an thrilled to say I made it ahead of time. Partly because I am stubborn and I don’t let deadlines get me down, and also because I have an awesome family that lets me work heard to reach my dreams. My book is in the publishing stage and the first 5 copies are being published, they have been ordered. If you go to Amazon.com and type in my name “Ashley Spurgeon” my book appears in both the print and eBook formats. OMG that is sooo cool!!!!! I am now a published writer. I feel like I have now stepped into a whole new phase of life, and I am loving it.

This is so amazing to me. My life is about helping women reach their goals and their dreams. I reach mine all of the time. The amazing thing about being a life coach is we are always looking for ways to grown ourselves. We also have coaches and strive to be better every day to be our exceptional best. Expanding into publishing is a way to reach so many more people. Now I can share my experiences and life story of hardship, disappointments and growth to my dream life with others.

Writing this book was the one thing I have always wanted to do. It is a brief overview of what we can all work on together. Do you need to organize yourself so you have more time in your day? Do you want to get control over your finances or your weight (The dreaded subject) . Do you have a hard time saying no to people or setting boundaries to protect yourself and what you need in life. Do you want your dream business to succeed but not sure how to build so you can leave your 9-5 job? How do you get there? This and many more things are discussed in the book.

The nice thing about a book, is that for a minimal cost you get to see how life coaching works. What it can do to help you. How wonderful it is to have another woman in your corner helping you plan change and encouraging to you follow through every step of the way. One-on-one.

I love sharing everything about myself. I do believe I have gotten to the place in my life that I am my exceptional me. Now I want to walk along beside you while you become the exceptional you. Order you copy today to see how life can be transformed and become a place where you are excited to see each new day.

Paperback $19.99 or eBook $9.99

And please do not forget to request to join our Facebook Group. It is held as a private group by invite only because I want to maintain it as a safe place for sharing, even for myself.

If you would like a free discovery session with me please email to to request an application. I give 5 free sessions each month. Don’t wait they fill quickly. Let’s see how you can transform your life starting today. ashleyjspurgeon@yahoo.com

So what is next? I am going to be opening enrollment in my 8-week weight loss group. Do you need to lose some weight and nothing has worked. Are you tired of feeling insecure and not right about yourself? I have struggled with this most of my life. Now, I am right where I want to be. This 8-week course develops a plan just for you. You can get motivation and accountability to stick with your plans We also share great recipes, encouragement, and reasons to stay focus when it gets tough. Which for me is every day. There will only be 25 spots available opening up very soon. If you want to grab one for yourself please email me for more information. I can’t wait to get to know you and for you to know me better. ashleyjspurgeon@yahoo.com

I love you beautiful ladies,
Ashley J. Spurgeon

P.S. Don’t forget to visit our product page to see our T-Shirt campaign. This is only for a limited time to get a t-shirt that proclaims “Be Exceptional”. A great gift if you know someone who has been working really hard to improve and heal. Or for yourself. We all need a treat.

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