Exceptional You: Deadlines

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Hello beautiful ladies (and gents). This week I am going to share the insane path I set for myself a couple of weeks ago. Have I mentioned that I am writing a book? I actually have several underway, but this one is different. I set a really short deadline.

The release date is May 28th. The same holiday weekend that my sister and brother are coming to town for my Dad’s 77th birthday. It has been forever and a day since the three of us were all together.

And I am so excited. I have a book to complete, format, proof (again), and submit final copy to the publisher. Did I say I am so excited? I love hard deadlines. With them I have focus and I really pour myself into it and pour my heart out.

The book is call “Exceptional YOU: Love yourself edition” of course. The topics cover several areas of life that we all commonly struggle with; health and wellness, boundaries, not playing the martyr (or victim), asking for help, financial management, and much more.

My lovely proof readers have made some great suggestions to add to the book. How I ground myself spiritually, financial management, and even some of the recipes that are my favorite. Did I mention I lost 30 pounds (during the holidays)? And I have kept them off.

Since my spiritual life has been a part of me since I was a little girl that will be easy. The financial management I learned through the school of hard knocks and working for an amazing bankruptcy attorney for 5+ years.

Geez, putting together a whole book in 3 weeks. I must be crazy! (Well, that is still to be seen). I think it is more along the line of passionate. Actually, writing is easy for me. I love all that I have been through and I love who I am. I will share as much as I can to help women follow a path to being exceptional. This is just one way I can do this.

The biggest challenge is the companion workbook. I want it to be useful, helpful and properly formatting. “I’m laughing in a corner”. I have never formatted a book for print before. It’s a whole new world.

I would love to be able to write some more blog posts this weekend. Aside from going to the movies with my family I will be completing my book and work book.

I am so excited for all of my clients, friends and online community to read and give feedback.

Then I will be back to my blogs, Facebook community, and spending time getting to know each other better. Until then, share what is happening in your life, Your struggle or your success. If you really have an area in your life where you feel stuck, please share and let’s chat about it. My life passion is helping women hurting or not finding themselves EXCEPTIONAL.

I invite you to apply for a “Discovery Session”. I offer 5 each month for free. During our session we look at how life has become unbalanced and discuss ways that we can together create a path to a new you. Glowing, passionate and alive with possibilities and potential. ashleyjspurgeon@yahoo.com

Have an amazing day and remember to be the Exceptional YOU!

Love and blessings,

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