Weight loss and wonder

I have spent my whole life struggling with my weight. Everything from being heavier that I ever thought I would be, to being anorexic. I finally found how to make a healthy change without drugs or expensive diet plans. Healthy eating and lifestyle change. Good food and not starving.

Goals Reached

What feels really great is setting a goal for yourself and reaching it. I accidentally set an almost impossible goal for myself with a publishing deadline and I an thrilled to say I made it ahead of time. Partly because I am stubborn and I don't let deadlines get me down, and also because I …

Exceptional You: Deadlines

his week I am going to share the insane path I set for myself a couple of weeks ago. Have I mentioned that I am writing a book? I actually have several underway, but this one is different. I set a really short deadline.


Exceptional YOU Facebook group is here. Yeah !!!! I am so excited about this new community of like minded women who want healing and purpose in their lives. This is a closed group. That mean you join by being invited. I am inviting you to join me. I wanted a safe place for my friends …